App Store Applications

The smart phone revolution has reached a tipping point where mobile apps will increasingly drive consumer and business adoption of emerging mobile platforms and devices.
At KhalijTel, we bring you the Apps store, a one-stop truly global store for the latest apps, from business and entertainment to medical information and sports. The company partners with media companies, portals, retailers, device manufacturers and operators on a regional and international level to deliver customized multi-lingual on-device apps.
Our portfolio consists of numerous mobile applications, media products and subscription services from several content providers and developers that KhalijTel has associated with. Our Apps store lists applications that can accommodate all major smart phones Android, Nokia and BlackBerry; our humble attempt to unifying the apps business and catering to the latest handsets available in the market.
With our best-in-class management platform, we provide comprehensive tools for catalog management, localization, store design, administration, marketing, purchasing and provisioning of mobile content. The platform offers flexibility, with both advertising-supported and subscription based models available.
We offer a complete ecosystem for mobile operators to deliver and sell applications ringtones, graphics and videos to mobile phones. Our solution provides rapid content ingestion for operator content providers, digital rights management, content management with respect to content positioning and real-time reporting of transactions.

Value Propositions

· Operator brandable Content Provider extranet to allow content providers ingest content in bulk and or individually
· Operator extranet with definable workflow processes with content management and approval interfaces
· Operator brandable WAP and WEB interfaces to access, download and bill mobile content
· Real-time transaction reports
· On-device shopping client and home screen technology
· Ability to deal with downloadables of executables (Symbian, J2ME), media files (ringtones, wallpapers, videos), and browseables (WML, XHTML) in one unified solution
· Automatically provides compatibility mapping indicators to new phones
· Ability to integrate to industry standard as well as proprietary billing systems
· Mobile search engine
· Maintains a database of downloadable transactions and integrates with operator billing systems, micropayment systems, and credit card systems
· Handles reconciliation and revenue share payments to content owners
· Mobile ecosystem services, including content sourcing, testing, ingestion and content management
· XML interfaces for operators
· Hosted and Licensed options

Benefits for App Store Operators

· Implement a full ecosystem quickly at lower cost than building internally
· Reduce cost and get to market faster by using our hosted solution
· Increase airtime usage through download and network-usage activity driven by offering your customers the largest repository in the world of certified applications
· Customize the desktop and mobile interface with operator look and feel
· Customize the directory by sorting the applications by device, protocol, country and more
Benefits for End Users
· Quickly find the best applications from the desktop or mobile phone
· Search, browse, download and purchase applications
· Easy payment options - operator bill or via credit card
· Customize the desktop and mobile interface with operator look and feel
· Customize the directory by sorting the applications by device, protocol, country and more