Mobile Advertising

By 2010, mobile advertising is forecast to grow 45% to $3.8 billion, with the breakdown being $3.2 billion SMS advertising, $253 million mobile display, and $321 million mobile search (Source: TechCrunch)
"Momentum" is a word we use to describe "loyalty with velocity", and the mobile channel is one of an advertiser's most valuable tools for engaging consumers.
KhalijTel takes a holistic view of the advertising space and we work with brands to build out their mobile advertising channel to create and develop tailored campaigns. We help the advertising industry to reach out to their target segments, by leveraging the operators' consumer profile information and reach.
Placing consumers at the heart of our model, our solutions deliver messages and advertisements in line with the individual's needs, interests and expectations. In addition to core messaging, our service includes the ability to deliver incentives to prompt call-to-action above and beyond the core information provided.
We help operators create innovative service bundles, incorporating advertising messages - thus bringing value to both subscribers as well as advertising industry. They can also cross promote content and services. Even other players within the ecosystem such as content providers and advertising space promoters can collaborate to develop the potential of the mobile as the new promotional medium by experimenting with interactive contests, discount coupons, or integrating promotional messages in ring back tones and text-based messages.

Our Platform

· Complete solution: Deliver multi-format campaigns for leading brands
· Wide reach: Support for more than 4500 handsets across manufacturers
· Fully configurable: Campaign design and control via a secure Web interface
· Multiple platfrom support: WAP, SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR, ringback tone, cell broadcast and on-device applications
· Tangible benefits for all: New revenue opportunities for operators. Personal brand interaction and rapid campaign deployment for advertisers. Relevant information for subscribers and free, ad-funded, premium content.

User Benefits

· Personalized experience
· Reduced mobile data and voice costs
· Access to latest promotions and offers
· Access to premium content at reduced rates
· Opt-in subscription mechanism

Advertiser Benefits

· Personalized customer experience
· Precise ad targeting
· Complete campaign management
· Wide reach: both local and global
· High accuracy of data for ROI measurement
· Non-intrusive services