SMS Live Chat

An enhanced SMS-based chat service that enables a synchronous, text-based, chatting among mobile users. With SMS as the medium it caters to the widest possible mobile user audience, second only to voice based solutions and services.
The service enables mobile subscribers to meet new people around common interests, make lots of new friends and chat with them in real time


· Quick profile creation enables new users to get started easily
· Options of auto match and new user alerts about similar profiles
· Intelligent age, gender, location and interest based search returns focused and most appropriate results
· Once the other user accepts the invite, they are automatically added to each others' friend list
· Users can chat seamlessly with friends on buddy list through unique buddy-codes
· Topical and interest based chat rooms to view and post messages
Operator Benefits
· End to end fully hosted and supported solution which can be offered as a carrier service to their subscribers
· The shortest route to market offering cost effective roll out and minimal capex
· Uses existing infrastructure to generate additional and incremental revenue for carrier
· Interface may be offered in English as well as Arabic
· Helps retain loyal customers and enhances customer satisfaction
· Availability of consumer usage data tools for close tracking and analysis of consumer usage patterns such as registrations, MOs and MTs, amongst others


The application is powered by a highly robust and scalable mobile chat platform. It can be adapted to multiple mobile networks, devices and connectivity protocols, allowing seamless communication. We ensure quick integration with the mobile operator networks.