Mobile Coupons

At KhalijTel, we specialize in mobile content optimization, bringing to you an exciting range of retail specific mobile products allowing our consumers a convenient and thus more enjoyable shopping experience. This involves the usage of mobile coupons and mobile tickets - an innovative text message based product that provides the opportunity to open a digital dialogue with the consumer directly on the mobile handset.
Whether you're in retail and need a new dimension to your coupon campaigns, or an event venue wanting to revolutionize the way you distribute tickets, our mTicketing and mCoupon solutions can mobilize the journey for you and your customers.
By 2014, over 300 million global consumers will use mobile phone coupons, which will generate $6 billion in global redemption values (courtesy: Juniper).
Our unique solution enables you to distribute the digital coupons and tickets easily and efficiently to virtually any mobile phone either through SMS, MMS, Bluetooth or any other mobile means. You can then redeem, manage, track and report on promotional campaigns or events through retail outlet EPOS systems, hand held portable scanners, or behind-the-till redemption units.
KhalijTel's mCouponing and mTicketing solution is extremely versatile and controlled allowing different campaign mechanics and objectives to be achieved through one campaign management system. It also provides in-depth, real time online reporting allowing you to monitor who, where, when and how coupons are being redeemed or tickets are being used.
A modular multi-purpose solution, it is driven by a flexible online interface where users can build and manage their ticketing and coupon campaigns as well as track in real time the redemption status and general campaign success rates. The mCoupons and mTickets can be redeemed using the following:
1. Wireless Redemption Unit:
· Designed to redeem coupon codes from ground up
· Accepts PIN Codes
· Simple Plug & Play Operation
· Real-time redemption via wireless GPRS or direct internet to central server
· Full operational support
· Rental and Purchase models available
2. Wireless Handheld scanner
· Off-the shelf Symbol Scanner
· Accepts 1D, 2D barcodes and pin-codes
· Simple deployment - turn on, it works
· Real time redemption via wireless GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth
· Full operational support
· Rental and Purchase models available
3. EPOS Integration 
· EPOS systems interface to the VoucherNet Redemption API
· PIN code entry supported
· Real-time redemption through retailer's own LAN/WAN network
4. Mobile Phone
· Redemption via mobile phone application (SMS/J2ME/Smartphone App)
· Both PIN entry and Barcode Scanning supported
· Real-time redemption through phone network connection (GPRS/3G/WiFi/SMS)
· Most phones supported


Mobile coupons allow organizations to distribute digital coupons to customers' mobile phones which offer a significantly advantage over paper based alternatives such as higher redemption rates, offer better security and encourage impulsive purchases. The real magic of mobile couponing is however the redemption of each coupon. With each couponing campaigns, organizations can build a more detailed profile of their customers for targeting with future marketing and promotional campaigns.
· Lower cost promotion and management of offers means you can run more promotional campaigns, leading to greater up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
· Flexible and low cost way to introduce and enhance customer loyalty and retention schemes.
· Increase sales and retain existing customers by including third party offers when making a purchase or repeat purchase.
· Generate greater response and redemption rates against paper coupons - up to 50% for mCoupons compared to as little as 2% for paper coupons.
· Viral campaigns allow users to forward coupons to friends creating new CRM data opportunities.
· Enrich the user experience and increase loyalty, footfall and brand reputation.
· Support traditional marketing activities with quantifiable redemption data.
· Easy integration with existing systems ensures it doesn't slow down the checkout process
· Closed loop campaigns - knowing exactly who has redeemed coupons and at what time ensures precise targeting for future loyalty campaigns