Short Message Content Services (SMS)

KhalijTel's SMS platform offers its subscribers information, tips and content on various topics and issues of their choice, including branded and non-branded News, Stock Market, Islamic Content, Jokes, Star Sign Forecasts, Beauty, fashion, Health, social networking SMS and many others.

Multi Media Messages (MMS)

Through our standardized connection protocol, KhalijTel provides subscription based MMS content under various categories including News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Islamic and Fashion.

MultiMedia Content Services

KhalijTel also offers its end users some exciting and fresh multimedia content that is compatible across several handset manufacturers. Some of our multimedia content comprises of Ringtones, Java Games, Backgrounds and Themes, Graphics, Music and Videos.

3G Content Services

We have licenses for a wide variety of content to be used on the 3G network. Our services include Video services as VOD, Live Entertainment, AOD (Audio on Demand), Video RBT, Video SMS etc. available as live streaming or full track downloads.

Ring Back Tone Services (RBT)

We bring to you some unique and highly demanded ring back tones, offering our subscribers an opportunity for personalization and self expression. As users have ability to select their own RBTs, this has proven to be a great means for fostering loyalty among the subscriber audience.