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Mobile World

A dynamic and forward-thinking company, KhalijTel is a mobile solutions and value added services provider of next generation exclusive mobile content to cater to the incredibly growing mobile industry across the Middle East.

We are witnessing the rise of several recent trends that have marked a new era for mobile operators. Today, operators are witnessing the emergence of a new and increasingly profitable market driver - mobile content and services that not only results in driving significant ARPU revenues but also provide consumers with sophisticated user-centric services. All our services are powered by a modular flexible platform that is designed to support the rapid launch of innovative services to meet both operator and consumer requirements.

With an extensive portfolio of solutions, KhalijTel Adds value to the mobile operators business and operational environment, creating subscriber stickiness via innovative products, applications and service offerigns that cater to every aspect of the subscribers wish list, whilst addressing critical opperational issues confronting the mobile service provider today.

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